Nurse DNA Checklist ✔

When God made nurses,

I feel like after working two12 hour  days….
If I can still smile and love my job after 27 years of being a nurse….   i believe God made DNA just for nurses!

I think when he was making up Nurses DNA he must have put on that check list…
Must have:
✔sense of humor
✔multi-tasking a must
✔diversity of knowledge
✔willingness to wear any body fluids
✔ability to go days without sleeping
✔able to work 12 hours without eating or voiding
✔mind reading a plus
✔ peacekeepers
✔ empathy by the truck   loads
✔ patience must have *double  check ✔
✔ grace under pressure
✔ love❤ for patients 
✔ability to smile 
✔ multitude of kindness
✔ better add in sugar & spice for good measure
✔☕ yeah…. never! Forget the caffeine….!

That outta do it!

That. . My friends!

Is what is in the DNA of a nurse!
A bit tired, trusted, tried & true!
But nurses are without a doubt
The best kind of DNA
To stumble upon!

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