New world of art to explore!

I came to wordpress to journal and empty my mind. I am beyond excited to discover a whole new world of artists. I have enjoyed following a variety of artists on other social media platforms over the years.Β  I think just the concept that this format allows for a more intimate experience, is most intriguing.

So often as an artist you get highlighted into one category,Β  but the truth is; as artists we simply think and see the world so differently. Utilizing diverse forms of art and expression is what make an artist so unique.

To be able to share all sides and incorporate that into new creative ideas and art is something,Β  I have been longing for awhile now. Due to work and life being so busy, I have been relying on photography to break up the day and keep the creativity flowing.

#randomthingsyouseewhiledriving #godscanvas #nobodypaintslikegod #phototherapy #nature #photography #itsthelittlethings #randomphotoshelpbreakuptheday



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