Moving Beyond RCC …



I got to get up and out of the house today! Out of that bed! I had my follow up appointment today with the Urologist for my post surgery visit.
I learned the mass was positive for renal cell carcinoma.  I knew this, it was positive for clear cell renal carcinoma  and was considered to be Still in Stage 1.Turns out the mass was actually under 4 cm around 3.8 cm in size in size once they got into it. The imaging was wrong on the last scan.. This is a blessing. They feel they were able to get all the cancer out, during the surgery and it was successful.  I will just follow-up with my doctor in 6 months and as needed with monitoring.  And they did a referral for gentic testing.  I got the ok to move around more! And lounge and swim… ‍♂️! So I am a happy and feeling very blessed girl. Just taking it slow and healing over the next several weeks. Much love to everyone for all the calls and well wishes and prayers and check ins!  Still have some restrictions on lifting and such. But overall…. i see the road to recovery!
I have to say…. it feels good!

#feelingblessed #hope #countingmyblessings #kidneytumors #kidneycancer #renalcarcinoma #overcoming #Godisgood #jenz #jenzphelps #feedmysoul #emptyyourmind #justbreathe #findingmyzenagain #seekingbalance #healing #seekinglifeslessons
#lifebeyondcancer #feelinggrateful

My new focus….. Recovery…. Relaxing & getting a tan! For the bex few weeks…. #selfcare

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  1. Hi Jenz. Reading your blog for the first time. Looks like you are a fighter. Keep it up👍. God bless you 🙏


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