Letting your gaurd down

I think the hardest thing in life is opening up to someone. To put faith and trust into another individual. Life isn’t really that different from nature. When it rains and the world crashes down around us; we close in our walls and put up our protective layers. Not unlike a flower that draws in its petals during the rain storm.

I think I seek out the beauty in each day, because I see the pain and feel the suffering of so many around me. It’s like I have to look past all the craziness of the world to find the little nuggets of beauty God places around us.

If you think about it, not much unlike the videos games children play. Characters go through intense situations and after each obstacle is overcome, they are rewarding with; treats that renew their energy.

God has done that for us; when we choose to see it. I try to find a creative art outlet in each day. Today it was after visiting my Nanny in the nursing home. I parked beside a Magnolia tree, it had rained and the sun was just starting to peek out, from under the heavy blue-gray clouds.

Today I really missed talking to my friend. There isn’t much I don’t want to share and tell him about, when you find someone you trust, truly trust in life; well that is hard to walk away from.

You don’t get many of those moments in life, they are far and few in between. It’s hard to let your petals or walls down during the rain.

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