Looking beyond the surface

I see people in soo many different stages of life in my field. Some in the midst of a life crisis, others just years of not coping, self harm, self medicating, untreated mental health disorders, untreated trauma or abuse… The list could go on & on….

The one thing they all have in common…. they are *Human*….

I say that to make a point, I often tell my clients; The only difference between you being on that side of the table & me, is…. *circumstances & coping skills*!

I have yet to meet someone that woke up & said, Today I want to be homeless, or mentally ill; Today, I want to have an addiction disorder. Noone wants that life, but like any disease, we don’t get to choose which disorders we have; but we do have to address them!

I am very careful to not judge my clients, to listen to their story & try to learn how they got to the point in life where they are….

You never know when the chairs could be turned, and you find yourself in their place. A little empathy… goes a long way!

Seek to understand the Chaos….

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