Prove them wrong

I love this!

I soo can relate. In middle school , I was pretty much told by my guidance counselor, I needed a trade, college would not be for me. My teachers felt I didn’t pay attention , I was a day dreamer in class…

By high school, I struggled with reading comprehension, testing… Teachers literally assumed, I wasn’t trying. No one noticed, I was writing backwards, inverting words & letters…. Math was a challenge.

It is funny, you remember clearly the words, expressions of disappointment & disapproval from authority figures growing up. They make you doubt yourself, I was told by yet another guidance counselor, “college is not for you, try trade, he put me in CNA curriculum *…

Best thing could have happened, the structure of the medical field, help me learn. Still struggled with testing.

It wasn’t until I finished nursing school, started college at CVCC, finally… my English teacher, Mrs. Ellen Gross… she noticed. She talked with me, edited my papers, sent me for testing. I wasn’t, stupid, or unmotivated… I was dyslexic & ADD.!

Just knowing that, learning to proofread, slow down, learning some cognitive behavioral techniques; opened up a whole new world for me.

Suddenly a girl that was told by many teachers & guidance counselors that she was a “day dreamer, unfocused, unmotivated, would never go to college”…. Suddenly, college was now just the beginning!

I was determined, no matter how many times someone told me, “you can’t do that”… I was determined to prove them wrong! I believe, I can do anything… I put my mind too!

I have been a nurse for 25 years. I have held many positions, gone back to school, graduated with two B.S. degrees in Psychology, started grad school. I have overcome and achieved more than, I ever thought possible.

NEVER let anyone tell you what your potential is. Only you can determine that!

If you ever doubt it… Just ask me, a girl that once failed English in high school; now 1st Vice President of Virginia Board of Nursing and Co-president of Virginia Association of Community Psychiatric Nurses.

I have surpassed goals, I personally never thought would even be possible for me in life.

& I still need editing when writing papers!

Sometimes life mimics art…

Sometimes life mimics art…. #feelmuchlikemyart #insomnia #embraceyourself #emptyyourmind #jenzphelps #jenz #mirrorimages

Art has a way of mirroring the artist within…. I often feel that. Painting my emotions just trying to get them out.

Sometimes, you feel too much. You just become numb.

Know your true needs…

Sometimes we can distract ourselves from what is real and focus on what we want…

Our minds have a way of filling in the spaces that distance & silence naturally create.

As human beings, we react often to our desires & our wants; rather than responding to our actual needs.

It is often easier to chase the dream, than live in reality. Hope’s, dreams, desires… these are the things that fuel us, motivate us, drive us.

Reality, truths, actual facts of our circumstances; these are the things that can suppress us, overwhelm us, unmotivate us, & cause us to have doubt & uncertainty, fear.

If we step back, and dare to be honest with ourselves, truly honest… Oftentimes the things we find ourselves fighting so hard for, aren’t truly the things our hearts actually desire. They are far often; our minds idea of what we want.

Hope’s, dreams, wants, wishes, desires….. These are all valuable things to hold on to; if in fact we make certain those Hope’s, dreams, wants, wishes, & desires are truly what our hearts, souls, & minds need!

Never stop Dreaming…. However; make sure your dream, is also a true heart, mind, & soul’s need.