Prove them wrong

I love this!

I soo can relate. In middle school , I was pretty much told by my guidance counselor, I needed a trade, college would not be for me. My teachers felt I didn’t pay attention , I was a day dreamer in class…

By high school, I struggled with reading comprehension, testing… Teachers literally assumed, I wasn’t trying. No one noticed, I was writing backwards, inverting words & letters…. Math was a challenge.

It is funny, you remember clearly the words, expressions of disappointment & disapproval from authority figures growing up. They make you doubt yourself, I was told by yet another guidance counselor, “college is not for you, try trade, he put me in CNA curriculum *…

Best thing could have happened, the structure of the medical field, help me learn. Still struggled with testing.

It wasn’t until I finished nursing school, started college at CVCC, finally… my English teacher, Mrs. Ellen Gross… she noticed. She talked with me, edited my papers, sent me for testing. I wasn’t, stupid, or unmotivated… I was dyslexic & ADD.!

Just knowing that, learning to proofread, slow down, learning some cognitive behavioral techniques; opened up a whole new world for me.

Suddenly a girl that was told by many teachers & guidance counselors that she was a “day dreamer, unfocused, unmotivated, would never go to college”…. Suddenly, college was now just the beginning!

I was determined, no matter how many times someone told me, “you can’t do that”… I was determined to prove them wrong! I believe, I can do anything… I put my mind too!

I have been a nurse for 25 years. I have held many positions, gone back to school, graduated with two B.S. degrees in Psychology, started grad school. I have overcome and achieved more than, I ever thought possible.

NEVER let anyone tell you what your potential is. Only you can determine that!

If you ever doubt it… Just ask me, a girl that once failed English in high school; now 1st Vice President of Virginia Board of Nursing and Co-president of Virginia Association of Community Psychiatric Nurses.

I have surpassed goals, I personally never thought would even be possible for me in life.

& I still need editing when writing papers!

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