Gatekeeper of your heart…

Must be something in the air tonight…

I sense you all around me…

I know you’re living a double life…

Torn & struggling between two worlds.

I see you…

Trying to sort through truths & lies…

I see the endless parade of those trying to plot and secure a space next to you…

Doesn’t that say everything?

Don’t they know….?

There is only one place that they can truly desire to be in…

That’s a place they cannot fight for,

A place they cannot win,

A place they cannot cheat for,

A place they cannot barging for,

A place they cannot buy,

A place they cannot demand,

A place they cannot will you to…

A place they cannot guilt you to,

Its simple…

It’s a place in your heart ❀ !

It’s a place that only exists, when you freely give it to that individual!

It’s a place noone can control…

A place that only, your soul, your mind, your body… feel what is real.

A place that only YOU know the contents & depths of your love, in which to freely give.

It’s a place…. only you…







You are the Gatekeeper of your heart!

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