Love…. is a Funny thing.

People live their entire lives not knowing what love is, not knowing what it feels to truly love someone. I can say, I know what that is, an excitement, adrenalin rush, anxiety, worry over someone more than yourself, A pounding deep inside your heart, a warmth that heats slowly but burns forever in your soul, it’s the smile that settles across your face when something reminds you of them, Its hearing or smelling the rain and feeling their presence; because they will always be a piece of you…its hearing your voice, or talking to you, the comfort & love that fills all the spaces in between you…. it’s the very thing, the very thread that makes you one! It’s feeling God drawing you closer than before with each step in bringing you to him or him to you…. Simply put… It’s FAITH, in something soo much larger than the both of you. It’s not giving up…

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