I hate everything about your addiction

I hate how you are living your life!

I am so mad with you!

You are so selfish. You don’t see others hurting, torn, worrying, loving you.

You only see you!

Your wants…

Your needs…

Your desires..

Your next fix!

Your next high!

I love you but I hate you!

I hate what you are doing!

I am soo mad!

I am so hurt!

Damage has been done.

Damage you can’t undo.

Trust has been demolished!

You will never get that back!

I hate what you have become….

A shell of yourself.

Empty & hollow inside…

With your superficial armour

Standing on the outside!

You are fooling no-one!

Addiction…. your new bride!

The only love you seem to know…

How’s that working out for you?!!

Right now… in this moment,

This place where love once overflowed…

Burns a new fire….

Of anger & disappointment!

I hate what you have become!!!

I hate what you have done to the love I once held for you….

I hate that you don’t love yourself!

I hate that you dont want help!

I hate that you wont let go of your pain!

I hate that you wont make healthy choices…

I hate that you lie to me!

I hate that I let this happen…

That I allowed myself to care. .

To get sucked in!

I am tired of hurting!!!

There was a time…

A time when you

Once brought me

Love & joy!

I hate that you destroyed that!

#addiction #recovery #awareness #mindfulness #stopthestigma #selfcare #healthycopingskills #holistichealth #jenzphelps #jenz #sfami #thestruggleisreal #supportingfamiliesofadultmentallyill #love #alanon

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