Its your time to shine!

You are so much better than this!

The company you have been keeping;

I am soo not impressed.

None of them ….

They all lack motivation.

Every single one!

You are soo much more than this!

I feel like you’ve been around them,

For way too long!

It’s time to raise the bar!

Get back to what you know…

Start to learn & grow again.

These last few years…

You’ve lowered your standards.

It’s time…

To be the man I know you to be!

It’s time to move on with your life!

Leave all that dragged you down behind!

Its your time…

Your time to shine!

#recovery #addiction #addictionrecovery #mentalhealthawareness #faith #hope #mentalhealth #mindfulness #momentsintime #mirrorimages #love #livingourbestlife

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