I am soo mad at you….

It’s a reoccurring theme I know!

I am mad you opened that door…

Mad you pushed your way back in!

Mad you did it knowing you weren’t in a good space!

Mad you lied!

Over & over again!

I know… your choosing to withhold truths…. isn’t what you call lying!

But reality…. it is!

I am mad you have given up!

That you settle for less than what you are capable of!

Settle for less!

As if its ok!

Just another day….

I hate what you have become!

Because I know you to be soo much more!

I hate that you feel you have the pop in & out of my life!

But dare I expect to hear if you’re ok!

I hate how selfish you are!

How you disregard the worry you create!

I hate that I care….

Soo deeply & much!

I hate just how codependent I have become.

How I feel compelled to help you…

Pray for you…

Love you!

Regardless of it all….

I hate that I see you at your very worst…

Yet… I still accept you!

I hate how you do not!

Most of all….

I hate that you are hurting!

I hate it….

Soo, very much!

#addiction #recovery #awareness #mindfulness #stopthestigma #selfcare #healthycopingskills #codependent #nami #alanon #sfami #pain #love #lovehurts #broken #beautifullybroken #loveyousoomuch

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