I don’t always have it all figured out….

When I don’t understand life…

I throw myself into work!

It’s not necessarily a bad thing mind you. It can truly be a survival skill.

It is easy to say; this last year….

Yeah… emm…

Who am I kidding these last…. 20 years I seem to have been lost.

Trying my best to find my way. Trying to manage; to make some sort of reasonable sense out of my life.

Yeah…. I know… Good Luck with that as well…

Probably the easiest thing to actually identify in my life is this. The only true constant in my life… has been my faith!


My determination to succeed!

My stubbornness to prove Everything & Everyone wrong.

My moral compass that guides my code of ethics that literally leads my core. Its innately ingrained within me, to see the pain in others. To reach deep inside them & remind them they are loved.

I feel called from deep within my soul to

Sometimes…. I wish… I could turn off that switch… to not care do deeply….

Yet…. Here…I stand!

#findingmypeace #feedmysoul #emptyyourmund

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