Finding my joy… might mean losing you!

Not everyone is vested in seeing you reach your happiness.

Many, secretly want to see you stay in your corner where they are comfortable with you always being.

Because when you. Are there…

You are always available for them!

These are the same people that call to say hello , how are you? Then proceed to tell you all about their life & their problems. Because to hear about your life makes them uneasy…

Truth is…

They can’t handle your life!

They can’t handle knowing your hurting,

That your in pain,

That you are vulnerable…

Because they depend on you!

They can’t handle the idea…

The thought…

The Image that… you might be human.. too!

I am working on finding my way…

Inspite… of the needs & demands of those around me!

#livingmybestlife #embraceyourself #findingmybliss #mypeaceofmind #feedmysoul #faith #love #emptyyourmind #findingmyjoy #selfcare #mindfulness

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