Why be a girl Scout?

So today I attended an Open Council Dialogue meeting for Girl Scouts of Virginia Skyline on behalf of LCCGSSU. I have attended a few of these and enjoyed them all. What made today’s meeting so different? I greatly enjoyed the round table format in which we meet. I also was very inspired by the renewed leadership of the GSVSC CEO Nikki Williams !

I tell people all the time, girl scouts truly develops leadership and collaboration among women and builds sisterhood. It not only helps grow future girl leaders, it helps develops our communities and supplies majority of our community service programs with service projects. It teaches girls about civic duty and responsibility and community engagement.

All walks of socioeconomic backgrounds come together in many churches and other meeting places to hold troop meeting or events.

Professionally I often reference ideas learned from Girl Scouts meetings or events and have been able to utilize those concepts to benefit other projects.

So next time someone asks…..

#whybeagirlscout? Or #whybeagirlscoutleader ?

It’s simple….


Girl Scouts is G.I.R.L. Lead. It builds girls for leadership and builds lifetime bonds of sisterhood that promotes positive impact on our society and communities. Something I am very proud to be apart of!
#girlscoutstrong #LCCGSSU #girllead #gsvsc

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