So I reached a life milestone! Something,  I never imagined possible…. Something that never even occurred to me that was an attainable goal. This week, I had the honor of being elected as President to the board of nursing!  It is something that, I take seriously,  and with pride, as it is an honor to serve on the board, of such highly respected colleagues and peers, in such a well respected profession.
But it is also for me as a nurse, and as a LPN, someone that has fought through my nursing career to prove: my voice matters too! It is just , truly an overwhelming feeling, in hindsight…. I dont think it truly hit me, until my drive home today!
It’s going to be an amazing year, for growth, development and life experiences!
I am embracing all that is to come in 2020!

#lifegoals #dowork #gettingitdone #milestones #feedmysoul

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