Stuff Faith is Made of….

Somedays…. energy level is a 10!

Somedays…. every level is on E!  As in empty….

Today…. the struggle has been real!
Have you ever felt like someone just pulled your pulg? Literally drained your battery….
That is the best way I can put into words how it feels….

I heard people talk about  it, my friends with different types of cancer talk about how their energy levels go up and down. We don’t really want to pay attention to it right… it is uncomfortable to talk about. 
Uncomfortable for most because they do not know how to listen to you… They do not know how to hear you.
Its hard for them to deal with their day to day life drama….
Most feel guilty… Guilty over complaining about spilled milk and long lines at the store when you are trying to talk about real deep life issues…
People aren’t ready for those conversations!
They want to keep it light and fun and carefree!

Superficial is were the majority live and were the majority are comfortable….
There is NO judgment in that!
People are doing the best they can!

So today was a bad. Day….
Good news….
Tomorrow is a new day!
A better day!
Always hope!!!

That is the place where I find myself living these days.. 

In the land of hopes and dreams…
The stuff FAITH is made of!
Hebrews 11:1

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