Emptying your Cup? #emptyyourmind

Trying to #emptyyourmind  or I should say… #emptymymind  Taking in advice from wise trusted friends….  self care is vital!  Trying to find that inner balance for myself… really and my life!

Paul Reps Zen Flesh Zen Bones  i have read this book i feel like 100 times or more… the  collection of zen and pre-zen writings so often remind me of the Book of Palsm and the Book of Proverbs in the Bible… some remind of of Aeostps  Fables….

All of them have underlying moral stories and wisdom there waiting for you to seek it out!

Sorta like Life!

We go through trials and tribulations in life… just waiting for us to find the life lessons for us to find that stepping stone to get us to the next level the next journey that awaits us!

… i am working on that!
Trying to empty my cup!
#emptyyourmind #justbreathe #findingmyzenagain #seekingbalance #seekinglifeslessons #jenz #jenzphelps

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