Tired of those Rose colored Glasses Yet?

I am so tired…..

I see this day in & day out in my job….. in life, with family & friends…. i did this a few times myself.

Tired of watching LOVE being wasted!

Watching it being manipulated!

Watching men & women abuse it ……

Like some cheap pawn for attention….

To fill a child’s tantrum!!!

Grow up!

Deal with your emotions!

Stop playing foolish child games!

Stop reeking havoch on everyone else in our path!

It takes two people…. to fuel a fire….

As foolish as it is!

This is hopeless ….

This road…. you travel!

It ends in drama…..

Choose, there is no happy ever after!

This is NOT the stuff Dreams are made of!

Toxic, energy will drain your soul.

Love is patient!

Love is TRUST!

Love is kind…..

Love is intimacy……. unlike any other!

You know this!

So why….

Why are you fighting…. so hard?

Look down….

See your hands?

Is that Rope; burning yet?

Is it cutting into the flesh of your palm yet?

Do you see the picture more clearly now?

Wake up!!!

Before…. you wish….

You had!

Rose colored glasses…. should never be warn in Love!

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