Upcoming Event @ Madison House of the Arts October 2nd, 2021

Madison House of the Arts

Jen Phelps will be the featured artist at the “Love is the New Vibe” Art show on October 2nd, 2021. She will be accompanied by
Jamie Wade
Carrie Knutsen
Brenda Porter-Key
Sadie Smith

Gardenia Hendricks,
Jonah David Nodrog Nav
Cyndi Kelley

Jen is a nurse and CSAC that works in Behavioral Health & Substance Abuse treatment.She grew up in Appomattox, Virginia, and now resides in Lynchburg, Virginia. Her career has greatly influenced her art over the years. She has even be known to use art as a healthy coping skill in her career working with clients.Jen has commented that artists such as Klimt, Van Gogh, and more so local artists Bobby Fuller, Christopher Townsend, David Heath, Kris Collins, Danielle Summers inspire her artistically. She leans towards emotionalism and expressionism style of art.you can follow her on FB, IG or follow her blog JenzPhelps.com

(More artist bios coming soon)

October 2nd,2021 classical pianist David Jeffress will bless the art house with the sounds of his music. Gretchen Casler Cline will open up for David with her amazing sounds.

Madison House of The Arts will have there donation table for electric space heaters at this art show. All heaters will go to families that are in need of extra warmth on December 18th, 2021. We will also be taking canned food items.

Please, join David, Jen and all
the other talented artists for an evening of art & music 🎶 to help raise awareness on what our community’s needs are then join us to help meet those needs through the power of art.

Madison House Of The Arts
607 Madison St.
Lynchburg, VA

DOORS 🚪 OPEN AT 6:00PM-10:00PM.

The Madison House of the arts is a 501 C 3, all donations are tax deductible.

(If you would like to be in a future show please emails us at madisonhouseofthearts434@gmail.com)


It’s been quiet some time since I have as an artist been truly inspired to do a painting or series of paintings. It hit me today, as I was in a training for PTSD.

I thought, wow… how raw is that. The emotional experiences people have and the things they overcome. I work with people every day as they tell me their own personal survival stories or war stories for some who still struggle.

I see the pain and emotions on their bodies, in their faces each day. How someone can smile, yet their eyes tell you an entire other story.

I see it in my own reflection at times.

PTSD comes in many forms, it reaches countless groups of people. It impacts us all in different ways.

The trauma we survive varies, from person to person. Everyone has a story to tell. Sometimes there is healing in this process when we allow it.

One small break or fragment of our lives doesn’t define us.

How we heal… that is what defines us. How we survive. What we choose to do with that pain & hurt, those are defining moments of our lives.

I hope you follow along as this new painting journey begins! I am excited to see where this road will lead me.


New Era for Art!

So I am finally moving along with life, getting back into the world. My cancer is gone! I have had all good results from all my post surgery testing. I am living life again.

With that healing process came a lot of painting. At one point I was producing 2 or 3 paintings a week. Now, what to do with all that artwork?

If you been following me on Instagram you have seen me putting out some emotional pieces. All apart of the healing process. I have neglected my writing, for that I do apologize. I have missed it.

I want to share with you my new adventure into the Etsy world of selling my Art.


I am working on linking all my accounts together. My Facebook Instagram, Etsy & my website.

I’m hoping this will make it easier to follow me and give you different perspectives into my art & life.