It’s been quiet some time since I have as an artist been truly inspired to do a painting or series of paintings. It hit me today, as I was in a training for PTSD.

I thought, wow… how raw is that. The emotional experiences people have and the things they overcome. I work with people every day as they tell me their own personal survival stories or war stories for some who still struggle.

I see the pain and emotions on their bodies, in their faces each day. How someone can smile, yet their eyes tell you an entire other story.

I see it in my own reflection at times.

PTSD comes in many forms, it reaches countless groups of people. It impacts us all in different ways.

The trauma we survive varies, from person to person. Everyone has a story to tell. Sometimes there is healing in this process when we allow it.

One small break or fragment of our lives doesn’t define us.

How we heal… that is what defines us. How we survive. What we choose to do with that pain & hurt, those are defining moments of our lives.

I hope you follow along as this new painting journey begins! I am excited to see where this road will lead me.


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