People will disappoint you

So yes, people will let you down in life and disappoint you. It is a fact, after all we are only human. Oftentimes, our expectations were simply just too high, or perhaps that’s just it; they were *our* expectations and not the desires or intentions of the other person.

Communication is the key, but that requires two parties to verbally identify their needs, intentions & desires. Life is just too short to get caught up in the what if”s or maybe’s…

Be bold enough to live outloud, bold enough to have the courage to speak on your emotions, needs, & desires. Bold enough to be honest about your feelings. That takes courage, it takes honesty and knowing ones self!

That requires for you to truly reflect & own your faults as well as your strengths. It requires, humility, grace, integrity & and a earnest desire to find your truth!

It requires you to not hide behind your past, or trauma, or life circumstance. It requires you to embrace every step in your journey, it requires you own the events that have lead you to this point.

People will disappoint you…. Because we are simply, *Human*…

That should however, not stop you from being your best self & embracing life, the good, the joyful, & the bad, the painful… Those are the lessons we need to carry us to the next step on this journey!

If you can’t dance in the rain, learn to admire its beauty! You just might learn from it.

#lifelessons #lifegoals #embraceyourself

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