Poised like a picture

Here’s the thing, you can wear a mask in life, smile pretty for the camera, But that’s just it, it’s an *attempt* at creating an illusion.

You don’t really, truly fool anyone. You might in fact give yourself away. See behind the poised photo, there is this glimmer of hope, this beacon of pain, humility, internal sadness that lingers from within, just long enough to cast shadows from the illusion you were trying to create.

There is a reason we admire those that are fearless, courageous, & bold enough to live out loud. To truly be themselves, that seem truly unapologetic about expressing how they feel or view the world.

Life isn’t composed or arranged in a neat, tidy bow. Life is messy, complex, emotional, & raw. Life was designed to test us, push us, drive us to be our best selves.

It’s up to us, to arise to the challenge…. It’s up to us to determine if we are poised, unattached, emotionally removed. It’s up to us to decide if we want to juggle 50 things at once, if we want to grin & smile behind the pain, if we want to guard up, and later on our armour.

We have the power to become, overcome, lift up, help, and or inspire .

We have the power to changes our lives!

Or we can just….. sit & complain & blame, while the world passes you by.

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