The true Beauty of being Broken

Growing up in life, we are taught right from wrong at such a young age. The world quickly becomes black & white, or; so we think.

Working in behavioral health & Substance abuse populations, one thing I can tell you; the world isn’t… black & white. It is filled with a world of grays & colors, in art, the concept we learn so young of black & white; is actually light & shades of dark…

Paintings are very much like people. We start with a rough outline, slowly the idea we envisioned starts to fade as new life transpires; with each new layer of color we add on.

Sometimes, my heart aches: for things it cannot understand. For desires it has, that breath life of their own. For others that it feels hurting & suffering around me. For the sadness it hears in those around it.

Sometimes as an artist, we try to capture those intense emotions; we feel them soo deeply, soo intensely, we have to purge our soul of the sensation & thoughts around us.

In, Japanese culture Kintsugi or Kintsukurio is the art of taking something broken; and putting it back together, filling the cracks with gold or silver. The thought is, that the object is actually more beautiful, because of the cracks. The cracks, imperfections are highlighted; to show the endurance & strength of the object & is considered to actually add more value than before it was broken.

Art mimics life & people. The most beautiful souls, are the ones that have been broken. The souls that have overcome & risen up from the chaos life has given them.

Have you ever looked into someone’s eyes & could see their pain? It’s the kind of pain that only hides behind a broken smile. Those eyes sparkle, they light up cold dark nights, they make you feel warm, welcomed, & loved.

As an artist we strive to capture that raw pain moment & put it to canvas… As a nurse, I tend to gravitate towards the broken souls… I hear them call so loud at times… I just want to mend them, filling in the cracks with gold & silver. Highlighting all that they have overcome in life!

The world simply is not black & white…

The world is filled with broken souls, in full color , with light & dark shades adding to their depth. You just have to look beyond, your mental concepts of things, talk to people, hear their story, & stand back & admire the beauty of their journey!

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