When is loving you, too much

I have been doing some real soul searching. It is a fine line you walk, loving someone struggling with addiction or mental illness.

The line between self preservation & enabling. This poem, is what we all want, desire, aspire to have in life:

But when do you walk away? Walk away because the longer you love them, the longer you support them, the longer you stay…. You hurt them; by enabling their behavior.

I don’t always know, I search my heart, I pray about it, I truly struggle with doing the right thing, careful to not lay judgement but truly try to understand, see things from their view.

I feel we are at a pass, a crossroads of sorts…

At some point… I have to love myself, more than I love you!

The stress, the worry, the not knowing if you are ok, hurt, sick, or in need of help. It’s just weighing too heavily on my soul; even when I pray.

I pray more for you…. than I do myself!

#sfami #supportingfamiliesofadultmentallyill #addiction #recovery #awareness

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