Reclaiming ME!

This isn’t me…

I don’t wait for a man’s attention…

I always am the first one to walk away…

I don’t make excuses, for poor behavior.

I don’t justify, someone’s actions to fit my needs…

I don’t need your valadation, to make myself whole!

I am Reclaiming ME!

My Spirit is strong…

My Will is Free!

My mind got clouded,

But now I see…

I got caught up, in the fog from the past…

But my Light, now shines Brightly…

It SHINES more than ever Before!

I am Reclaiming ME!

I gave you that Power…

That hold you held on my soul…

That Light that shines,

In the Twinkle of your eye….

That Light that burns, deep in your Soul…

That Light….

It Belongs to ME!

I am…..

Reclaiming Me!

#jenzphelps #jenz #mirrorimages #phototherapy #embraceyourself #livingmybestlife #letyourlightshinebright


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