I hate when she is in pain….

First bad headache in a few months…. She amazes me how much she has endured at such a young age. She has already won! When it comes to life…. over beaten all the odds, my proven miracle! The reason I know without a doubt there is a God! The reason I do not question the power of prayer! The reason I know God has purpose for us all… The reason I know… life is not about me… not about pain, or being angry at the unknown, or things we cannot explain…. But… the reason, we must look beyond ourselves, look beyond the circumstance, & just simply have FAITH…. God has a purpose for us all…..

My greatest achievements in life…. ARE, my beautiful, resilient, strong, daughters!❤❤❤ # #lovehersoomuch❤ #lovethemsoomuch❤
#haveFAITH #lifeislargerthanyourcircumstance

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