My daughter Summer Grace is nothing short of resilient…

So my daughter Summer Grace is nothing short of amazing! She is one of the most strongest women I know. Last year was truly her best school year. She pushed herself to work through her headaches. This year, has been good but this week she has had two really bad headaches. She has challenged herself to be more involved in school activities and socialize with her peers. Tonight she stayed late after school and by the time we got home. She put her book bag down and suddenly ran to the bathroom. I heard a all too familiar sound of her vomiting. When I hear people talk of pain as adults… I want to remind them that as a child she has never been given pain medication. She had endured more than anyone I know as such a young age. She defines resilience and endurance at best! There is nothing more heartbreaking than as a mother to see your child in pain and not be able to comfort them. It’s agony at best. She is truly an amazing gift from God. I tell her all the time, I am expecting a lot… After everything she has been through surely God has big plans for her! I am blessed with two amazing daughters. But when Summer is sick… our world stops… #lovehersoomuch❤️

#thestruggleisreal #migraines #seizures #chronicheadaches #clusterheadaches #avmveinofgalen #intervellumcyst #arachnoidcyst #pinealglandcyst

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