We talk about ethics, morals, our faith…. we debate, critique, judge or worse…. stand by and do nothing at all!

But what has God called you to do?… and more importantly, are you acting on it? Are you speaking up? When you hear misinformation? Or see someone treated wrongly? Do you stop and offer a helping hand when you can? Or do you…. pass them by?

What will your legacy be?
What seeds will you have sown at the end of your time on this journey in life?

Will anyone remember, how you treated them? And was it kind?….. with love? Was it free of judgement? Unconditionally and uplifting?….
As YOU would want or Hope for when you one day…. Find yourself down on the bottom in need?

Did you show empathy without judgement?

Did you….. Find your purpose in life? And better yet? Have you begun to fill that purpose?……

It’s not too late…. to help someone today, or change your path!

I personally do not believe, we were put on this earth to strive to make a trillion dollars…. I do, however believe we were put here to impact those around us!
To help those in need, within our means!

We are as a collective whole social beings, we need each other…
#ittakesavillage #communitycollaboration #togetherwearestronger (Not my photo credit unknown)

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