Lost in prayer

I lost my prayerbox necklace…. I have carried a prayer for you around my neck daily…

For the last three and a half years…. it seems odd, unnatural even…. to not be wearing it today!

I am trying so hard… to not think of you daily….

I often fail!

You seem to be imprinted on my soul

There has always been a bond between you and I…. there is no denying that!

I have never hidden from you how compelled I have felt…. to care for you… prayer for you,Ā  watch over you, love you! Never have I denied how much you mean or matter to me… you are my world…

But even that…. must have it’s limits…

Tonight…. I feel so naked…. without my prayerbox…..

Power of prayer Hebrews 11;1 FAITH

It may seem silly…. but it was do comforting. To know and have your name written down in prayer along with others… it kept you present and close to me. It helped me let go of the worry I carry around for you.

All the times I never hear back from you…. or all the times, I get the gut feeling you are not doing well…. or all the times you day to me…. *I’m fine* but I know that you aren’t….

Prayer allowed me to find peace…. This is such an odd place…. to be in right now…. us.. not talking!

Personally….. I hate it! Even if its what needs to be right now…. I will forever… love you!

Endless love

the times;

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