My mind is racing…

My mind is racing….

It’s like fragments of a puzzle, floating above me tonight… I cannot seem to grasp the pieces.

Each piece seem to hold it’s own universe. Within it it’s own life span and story!

Door number one! What do we see, but a girl tormented by love lost from childhood past…..

Door number two! What do we see? As that puzzle piece yet, alludes me… but; worry and angst of fear over well being! It’s the caregiver in me…. the nurses ethics, my core being! The mother in me…….

Door number three! What do we see? Yet still a never ending film on loop of clients and duties, and professional obligations!

Door number four! Yet… could there still be more? Why yes! You see, this is a world of parenting, motherhood, kids, Bill’s, debt, my health and adulting!

Door number five! Yes, yes…. you are still alive! This is a world of endless possibilities….. this is where I am stuck you see!

My mind races!

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