Libra Scales…. you are failing me!!!

New Moon is reeking havoc on me! Bring back my balance! When will my life ever return to some state of balance?

I so do not understand… My heart was in a billion pieces. Those pieces burned like acid eating through my soul. The only thing, that seem to ease that pain… was you! The fact we were both in a similar place! That we could identify with; in that state of mind… among other things.

I was no longer alone…. I saw your pain… and I knew it! It was mirrored back at me…

That pain, didn’t seem to matter, as life progressed. That pain, could not hold a candle to the comfort you gave me. The friendship, I found in you…. The conversations, and interests we shared…

I started to forget about… HIM….

I started to forget, and my pain… each time you were around.

For the first time… in my life….

I no longer… saw: a life that could only be lived with… HIM!


I started, looking forward, to talking to you!

I wanted to learn more about… You!

That was not…. something, I had planned!

And… NOW!

Back…. to dead silenece…….

I know…. that was, my doing…. BUT

I can admit….. I have grown dependent on our newfound friendship…..!

Yet… my mind, is still racing ….

My heart… is off kilter!

And there is a pause between us, that never existed before! And I hate that!!

And… there is NOTHING.. I can do!

Libra scales…. where is the balance in my life? What happened to my share of harmony, peace, love, and happiness? And sleep…. I am trying… I am trying to heal! Trying to let it go! Put it out of my mind…. But well, that is just not a easy thing to do! You left an impression.

Dear Life;

Something has got to give; soon!

#emptyyourmind #thestruggleisreal #feedmysoul #seekinglifeslessons #seekingbalance

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