Unlock what has always been there!

Remember this! When you discover that your worth comes from within you! That you are the master of your own fate! That love comes from a seed planted innately within you from the start…. That all you ever had to do, was nurture that love within yourself!  Then! You will let go of the pain, hurt, anger and self loathing that creates all the need to self destruct and self sabotage and self harm… you will thrive! You will rise up and  meet life at the door every day!  You will succeed at whatever goal you set before you. Because guess what! There is nothing in this world that can stop you! BUT you!!!
Everything to succeed in life! Lies within  YOU!
It always has!
You just forgot to look!
Rise up!
Open the box! Inside you..
And unlock what has always Been there!
#jenz #jenzphelps #feedmysoul #beautifullybroken #rebuilt #truth #faith #love #emptyyourmind #hope #truthbetold

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