Feeling the weight of life

This week has been a struggle to be honest…. physically! Mentally…. There is a shift in the air around me..and I can sense it, down to my very core!

My energy levels have been off! I don’t like this feeling…. of being tired and drained…. my mind… has a thousand things, going on at once…. This week… my body can’t seem to keep up!

It’s an odd sensation… feeling your body turn against you. Knowing there is a mass growing inside you… Trying to re-focus on life and other more vital things..

Life surely has such an odd timing….

Sometimes, I have to sit back and laugh.. I think.. I must have lived some crazy life in the past. To have warranted me this one. This particular journey. SURELY I am suppose to be learning some important life lessons that I must be forgetting!

We do not get the fairytales!

But then again… who wants that? How dull and mundane would that world be? I prefer life’s woes and Joy’s. Its hills and valleys… I want the storms and rains… along with the blue skies and sunny days…. I thrive on the diversity and mixture of emotions!

I want it all!

That has always been my problem….

I never want to give up….. anything!

So scared of being trapped… Trapped by my choices! That I always keep my options open…..

That can be a trap… of it’s own kind!

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