The desire is always greater for the things we cannot have?

I have noticed that throughout life. The things we are allowed to have seem to not appeal to us. They are no longer shiny and new?

As soon as something or someone denies us…. we now become determined to master this thing! Or we find ourselves compelled to win its affections. I have done it myself, I see my clients do it daily!!! I have seen my friends and family do it. No one is without falling into this trap!

So why is that? Why are our brains wired this way? Why do we chase after the very things that reject us? That tear down our self worth? That do not validate the very essence of who we are?

We are born worthy! We are innately loved and worthy of recieving love in return…. each and everyone of us. Not one person truly stands out greater than another…. we are all truly on equal footing once you remove the flesh!

So why?

What compels us to seek out what rejected us?

Isn’t that THE Question?!! To most of lifes problems?

I have a theory….

That most of us….

Do not know what happiness truly looks like!

We have no real idea how to BE happy with ourselves, much less accepting of someone else’s acceptance of us.

So we run scared when we meet the very thing we so desperately crave! We never thought it truly existed. We are often in shock if we find it. Sometimes we do not even recognize it if we do.

We see it and we do not know what to do with it! So we turn and we run!

We hope it will fade or go away or work itself out. We put up walls and barriers to protect ourselves. We suddenly feel vulnerable….

This is a new, odd sensation for many!

We don’t trust it. So we run! We run from it because it must not be real. It. was too easy. We have been taught in life, things must be hard!

We go through our entire lives trying to make sense of the unknown…. trying to force connections. When we meet the real thing…

We freeze! We react poorly and we simply fail to believe in ourselves enough to believe we deserve such a gift in life!

So we settle… so often we settle for less then Everything we deserve!

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