Overcoming Stress before it… overcomes you!

I am shocked each time I see an old photo pop up in memories…. I don’t recognize that girl…
Stress, how we deal with stress, how our bodies manifest stress amazes me every day!
Be it addiction,  heartt disease, diabetes,  lung disease,  or metabolic disease aka obesity!
My Thyroid went into  state of shut down as a response to my way of suppressing my emotions when I was not dealing with my daughters illness,  I now truly believe that.  Looking back; I thought by being strong  and emotionally shutting down,  I was holding it together.  What I was actually doing was just building up pressure inside my body for a complete meltdown.
It finally caught up with me  17 years later.
An emotional breakdown during a Case manager retreat at work  when a motivational speaker talked on *Medical Trauma * then a physical breakdown of my body…. That build over time with hypothyroidism, obesity,  diverticulitis and now renal carcinoma…. Stress is as constant as change in life! You have to learn to manage it… or it will manage you! Fact!
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