The disease that impacts the entire family…. Addiction!

Tonight I finally watched a Beautiful Boy movie based on the book by David Sheff.

It was impactful and powerful. I have to say, as movies go… they have to edit down much of the story. But it was well done, it was honest. I would recommend any family or loved one supporting or struggling with someone in addiction to watch it. I think those with addiction would benefit from it; seeing the impact addiction takes on the family’s… However… I would not recommend someone in early recovery, in Meth or IV drug use seeing this alone without someone to process this with. Some scenes could be triggering.

I can say this really hit home for me…. Just in my job over the last 2 years and watching someone I love struggle with use. It was really tough to watch. It also… was very emotional; I wasn’t prepared for that!

I was fortunate in that this past year while attending a recovery event in my community; I was able to hear Nic Sheff speak. He has an amazing story, living proof, that you can overcome anything in life. Including battling your addiction and you can use your demons, and your struggles as stepping stones to build your future: rather than; weights that hold you down.

Journaling & Tears cleanse the soul?

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