Seasons of Change

We go through seasons….. in 2017… I was at the height of my weight! I had been in a high stress job for over 10 years, with a stressful work environment. I had been dealing with Summers medical problems, her brain surgeries, doctors appointments, started back college, doubled majored and the bottom left photo was taken my graduation from Liberty on 5-17-2017…. The right lower corner was in 2013. Haley sent me the lower left two photos today… showing me the difference!

I don’t know who that girl is from 2017!

I do however, know how I got here today! A friend, woke me up! He pulled me up from a fog I was living in…. So detached from everything, so focused on work, school…. I was keeping busy to avoid living!

It was my way of coping with the things going on with Summer that I wasn’t able to control!

God has a way of bringing people into our lives, to help us, teach us lessons… we might be focused… thinking WE are helping them!

When in fact….

God is using them… to do miracles; in our lives! I am grateful… for the lessons, life & God bring me…

Even when… often: I struggle to understand his timing of them.

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