From suffering… we give birth to new life… We create!

I have been working with kids and adults in Substance Use disorders and Mental Health disorders now for over 20 years through out my nursing career…. cleaning out old boxes today… I came across old photos, and letters, drawings kids had done for me, poems given to me over the years… I found these two… how fitting  for today’s times… I remember even back then… how insightful he was in his poetry at such a young age! It amazes me, how we can create such beautiful words, and paint such vivid images from such angst and pain; fromnthe darkest corners of my lives and minds there is new life waiting to be born!

#momentsintime #feedmysoul #truth #faith #love #emptyyourmind #hope #selfcare #mindfulness #healthycopingskills #addictionawareness #addictionrecovery #addiction #addictionisadisease #jenz #jenzphelps

(The poems are written by Chris Waye as dated in the photos)


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